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2003 Company News

24.12.03 - UK ShoutCast Data Centre Move Complete
We finally completed the move to the new data centre in the early hours of this morning and have emailed every customer with their new details. The new servers are expected to have an uptime of around 99.9%. This is due to our old fleet of US servers having only around 98%.

02.11.03 - New Server Contract With
We can confirm we will shortly be moving our service to servers located at one of's data centres. This will improve reliability and quality of the services we offer. It will not have any effect on the price. Wenhave taken this step due to a few problems and a decrease in reliability with our current providers, FDC Servers. The new servers will come online in a few weeks time.

23.09.03 - SHOUTcast Customers
Any clients found over-streaming (streaming at higher bit rates then you have paid for) will now have a temporary ban on their account. The length of the bans is never more then 2 hours. This is to prevent excessive bandwidth usage. We have found many clients to be doing this and it is going to end up causing server problems. If you require a higher bit rate please pay for it like everyone else. Thankyou...

18.09.03 - UK Reseller Now Accepting Orders
Our new company, UK Reseller, is now accepting orders for reseller accounts. However since the new company does not officially launch until 1st October, you may find the setup to be slow until then. ;-)

18.09.03 - Payment Options Review
We are currently reviewing the payment options available to our customers. To be honest most of our payments are via PayPal and Nochex (around 85%) and therefore we may remove some of the other means of payment. FastPay looks almost certain to go because of the trouble we have had with NatWest being pretty much useless support wise plus we have very few customers using it. Western Union is also likely to go as we have had very very few customers using this option. We will certainly be keeping the mail payment options, however due to the recent changes in the way accounts are now setup, it may pose a problem for new customers as it could take up to 10 days for a cheque to arrive, be cashed and cleared. We recommend new customers head over to and sign up for a FREE account as this is one of the most secure ways of online money transactions.

15.09.03 - PayPal Customers
All PayPal customers will now be moved onto a PayPal subscription on the next payment date. This is to crack down on late payers etc... After many months of toleration, we have now taken the decision to become more strict on payments. From now on NO accounts will be setup without prior payment and any account which is overdue payment for longer then 5 days will now be suspended. We feel this is fair. If you ever have any problems making payment on time, please contact us and we can help you. Thanks...

04.09.03 - UK PC Net Is Changing
From 1st October 2003, UK PC Net will be changing the way it operates and also the services we offer. However, our high levels of all round service will remain the same. Please check back soon to keep updated!

26.08.03 - Another New Domain Acquired -
We now own the domain name!

25.08.03 - UK PC Net Considers Ensim
With our cPanel web hosting now sold out, we are considering offering Ensim Pro web hosting packages. More news on this soon...

25.08.03 - New Domain Secured
We are pleased to announce that we have now secured the domain name and this will be live within the next few days.

22.08.03 - All Web Hosting Plans Upgraded!
We have yet again upgraded all web hosting plans to new specifications and also reduced the prices of the Light Plan, Power Plan and Power+ Plan! Details are here!

26.07.03 - FREE Web Hosting With Every SHOUTcast Account
From now on, every SHOUTcast streaming account will also get 100mb Web Space and 2gb monthly transfer FREE!

21.07.03 - New Website Launched.
A new website has today been launched! Not only does it provide a fresher look and feel but it also adds some new support options including a live chat system and ticketing system.

19.07.03 - cPanel 7 Arrives
We have today upgraded all web hosting accounts to cPanel 7, the newest version of the worlds favourite control panel!

20.06.03 - New SHOUTcast Partners
UK PC Net have today sealed an agreement with one of the webs newest SHOUTcast streaming providers to work together to provide SHOUTcast services.

01.07.03 - UK PC Net is 1 Year Old
 UK PC Net celebrates its first birthday today. We would like to thank all the clients who have services from us and we look forward to serving you in the future.

13.06.03 - July Free!
To thank all our customers for their continued support, web hosting for the month of July is totally free! That's right the next payment dates after that will 1st August 2003.

08.06.03 - Web Hosting Pricing Reduced!
We have decided to lower the cost of all web hosting plans! Details of which can be found here.
01.02.03 - Net:Music Officially Re-brands To UK PC Net
As initially announced on 11.11.02, we have now fully re-branded to UK PC Net.
We no longer make use of the Net:Music brand in any of our services.