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2005 Company News

09.12.05 - Service Rebranding Complete
We are pleased to announce that the rebranding of Xcellweb Hosting Services to Xcellweb Internet Services and incorporation of the UK ShoutCast, UK DediServ, QRV Hosting and the former Xcellweb Hosting brands is now fully complete.

We hope our customers like the new website and concept of integrating our main services under one single brand. Customers will notice that their invoices will now be re-branded as will most service announcements and company correspondence. News on updates to our billing system will be announced in January 2006.

21.09.05 - Xcellweb Hosting Services To Change Direction
We are excited to announce that Xcellweb Hosting services will be changing direction in the next few months, in preparation for 2006! Some of the main changes that will be happening are:

- The brand will be renamed to Xcellweb Internet Services to represent its new direction.
- The brand will incorporate all of the services currently offered by our existing brands, and will be aimed towards the worldwide market.
- UK ShoutCast, UK DediServ, QRV Hosting and Xcellweb Hosting brands will be closed down. UK PC Net Design will survive the changes and UK ShoutCast and UK DediServ will be re-developed during 2006.
- A new brand website is currently in development and will be launched in the next few weeks.
The changes will take place in the coming months and should be fully implemented by January 2006.

01.09.05 - UK DediServ Offer Radical Unmetered Server Pricing
After just over 3 months on trial, UK DediServ has today officially launched its new unmetered dedicated server range and now offer 10Mbps servers starting at just 75.00 per month! This pricing structure is believed to be one of the very cheapest in the UK and indeed the world.

UK DediServ had been trialling this new scheme since May, although the cheapest servers were 99.00 per month.

With most other competitors offering pricing starting at around 150 for similar servers, we firmly believe that this new pricing structure will for the first time ever, make unmetered servers available within the price range of the majority of people in the UK.

01.07.05 - UK PC Net 3 Years Old Today!
is 3 years old today. It was 3 years ago today that UK PC Net started off as a small shoutcast streaming media server and shared web hosting company. The company has now grown beyond recognition, providing services in a wide range of industries under various different brands.

UK PC Net would like to thank all our staff, partner companies, providers, and most importantly, our clients, past and present, for making this company the great success it has been. UK PC Net continues to maintain a healthy and steady growth rate.

03.06.05 - UK PC Net Announce New Shared & Reseller Web Hosting Venture
UK PC Net are pleased to announce that we are currently in the planning a new shared and reseller web hosting brand. Whilst we recently acquired Xcellweb Hosting Services, the new service will be very different. The service will be aimed more towards the world market, it will offer a lot more choice and will be lower priced. The brand will also use servers located in both the UK and US and offer reseller web hosting plans.

We hope to publish more details on this exciting new venture in the next week. The venture is set to launch in mid June.

22.05.05 - UK PC Net Completes Xcellweb Acquisition
UK PC Net has today completed the acquisition of Xcellweb Hosting Services. The acquisition process began in late February 2005, but due to restructuring within the Xcellweb brand, we have only officially completed the acquisition today.
All current Xcellweb clients have received free services since the acquisition in February, to ensure that we could get our new billing system up and running properly. They have now been emailed with full details on the new billing system, and how it works. Xcellweb Hosting Services is now fully active as a UK PC Net brand.

We have decided not change the customer support system offered by Xcellweb at this time.

26.01.05 - UK ShoutCast Agrees Streaming Deal With CN Radio
UK ShoutCast has today confirmed the completion of  a streaming media deal with CN Radio, one of the UK's major radio broadcasters. Under the agreement, UK ShoutCast will provide online streaming media services for all 7 CN Radio stations.

In a statement, UK PC Net Managing Director, Matthew Cullum said, "We are very proud to partner with CN Radio and this agreement is very pleasing for us. CN Radio are a major UK broadcaster and it will be a privilege to provide streaming services for them. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with CN Radio".

The deal will become effective in mid February. UK ShoutCast will be increasing its bandwidth commit by almost 50Mbps to cater for this deal.

For more information of CN Radio, please visit

01.01.05 - Happy New Year 2005!
UK PC Net would like to wish all its clients, past clients, partners, service providers and visitors to this site a very happy new year and all the best for the coming year of 2005.

UK PC Net are very positive about what the coming year will have in store for the company. We will hopefully see some exciting developments over the next year, and we firmly believe the company can only continue to grow.

We would like to thank all our clients, partners and service providers for all their support during 2004.