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2008 Company News

01.04.08 - Re-Launches After 4 Years
WirralNet are today pleased to announce the official re-launch of, a former brand that ceased in 2004. WirralNet re-acquired the domain name in January 2008 with a view to a re-launch and the website is now online and accepting order's!

The brand will operate alongside the Xcellweb brand, offering cPanel reseller web hosting solutions to the UK market, at very low yet sustainable pricing.
The original brand ceased as a result of the sale of WirralNet's shared and reseller web hosting division's in September 2004. However, due to the acquisition of the Xcellweb brand in 2005, we are again a success story in the UK cPanel reseller market, and we hope that can expand on this success, offering something a little different and concentrating on the UK market.

03.01.08 - WirralNet Announces New Client Centre

In a service update email sent to customers today, it was officially announced that WirralNet will be launching a brand new service-wide client centre.

This centre will not only replace the ageing WirralNet Support Centre, but also include many more features, including automated account creation and upgrade/downgrades for shared and reseller web hosting customers, records of all invoices, with the ability to pay them online with one click, and have the payment instantly credited to the clients account, an online knowledgebase, a software download section with helpful/relevant free software for customers to download and an a very lucrative affiliate system.
The new system will also be completely offsite, it is not hosted upon any network that our servers are located on, meaning that should any client network fail, help and support will always remain available.
WirralNet have been planning this new system for many months now, primarily to replace the ageing WirralNet Support Centre, but also to improve our services to clients and make life easier all-round, and we have finally decided upon the appropriate software to use, and have been in the process of configuring it for the past couple of months as well as migrating all our clients across from the old system to the new system.
We hope to have this new system launched by mid-January 2008, and we thank all clients for their patience until the launch of the new system, we are as eager to launch it as our clients are, but there is still a lot of work to do before it can be launched.

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