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2009 Company News

01.07.09 - WirralNet Celebrates 7 Years In Business
WirralNet today proudly celebrates 7 years in business! Since 1st July 2002, WirralNet has provided reliable, secure and powerful internet service solutions to the UK, European and even worldwide marketplace.
WirralNet has found market conditions during the tough economic downturn to be very favourable and continues to see an increase in market capitalization.
WirralNet would like to thank all it's customers and partners, both past and present, for their support, as without it, we would not be here today.

01.04.09 - Soft Launch
WirralNet is pleased to announce the soft launch of our new no-frills budget web service brand, The brand's website came live this morning, and the service is now officially up and running.
Following 18 months of planning and development, and significant investment in our service infrastructure, all services are now ready to go, and we are looking forward to a very bright future with this new brand.
The no-frills budget market being targeted by, is one that WirralNet has never entered before. No service at will cost more than 5.00 per month, and some services are even available for the lowly sum of just 5.00 per year. This unique concept not only provides affordability, but also simplicity.

The business model devised for is somewhat different to our existing brands, and this allows WirralNet to provide the service in a sustainable way.
Please visit for more information on this exciting new brand!

05.01.09 - WirralNet To Launch Exciting New Brand In Q2 2009

WirralNet is extremely pleased to announce the proposed launch of a new brand during Q2 2009. Though the idea's for the new brand are still being discussed and decided, the core concept for the new brand has been in place since Summer 2007.
The new brand is proposed to operate alongside, in addition, to our existing brand's, and will be quite different from the existing brands in that it is aimed to cater for a market, that WirralNet has not yet tapped into.
We will, over the coming months, be investing in and expanding our infrastructure in preparation for the new brand, and have been involved in negotiations with partners for some time. Further details regarding the new brand should be announced over the coming months.

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